A Health and Wellness Commitment

Need help creating your personal roadmap to a healthy lifestyle? Visit us on our Facebook Page at Healthy & Well Daily Recommit and join others as they recommit to healthy lifestyles and nutrition.    See what others are doing to recommit every day to a positive attitude, and a healthy lifestyle.   

Business World - Beyond the Classroom

Mentoring for Young Professionals

Have a degree and working in your first job, but struggling with how to launch your career successfully?  Business Beyond the Classroom provides instruction and tips for different stages in your rapidly developing career.  Follow our Blog.   Interested in more information? Contact us! Let's learn how to connect - share experiences, and grow together.  Learn more about our workshops for young professionals. 

HlpSum1 Supports the Sustainability & Wellness Movement

Visit HlpSum1.net and join others who are committed to helping others. See what individuals and businesses are doing for their friends, family and neighbors at HlpSum1.Net.  Follow our spotlight stories.

HlpSum1®​  - Your Community.

Offering consultation on careers and corporate strategies, focusing on corporate and personal wellness and sustainability.  Follow the links below for ideas on how to help someone.