Career, Family & Friends, and Health are the legs of a stool that supports the foundation upon which our responsibilities and happiness rests.  

If one of them breaks or is cut off, the stool is unbalanced and may even tip over.  

How can you maintain the balance?

"The Three Legged Stool"

It is hard to help others, when we are not at our best.   This section suggests way to recommit daily to personal health and wellness. 

Commit to You

Career Planning

Connect to Others

Crafting a strong plan for a successful business career requires a solid strategy. Learn from others and their early career experiences by following our blog, purchasing the First Job Career Guide, or joining the First Job After College LinkedIn group.  

We are multipliers - looking for people like you who want to join the movement, to just help someone.  Our forum is designed to make it easy to increase awareness about programs that you support.

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